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  • Matthew Benyo

    Matthew Benyo

  • Cat Self

    Cat Self

    Adversary Emulation Engineer and Purple Team Fangirl @coolestcatiknow

  • Max Harley

    Max Harley

    SpecterOps; Fmr: Clemson University — Computer Science + Physics

  • Leo Pitt

    Leo Pitt

    Newb || Gamer || Otaku

  • Wojciech Reguła

    Wojciech Reguła

    Web apps / iOS / macOS security & blogger — https://wojciechregula.blog

  • Justin Bui

    Justin Bui

  • Mikael Brevik

    Mikael Brevik

    Developer. Maintainer of projects. Organizer of meetup. Host of podcasts. Releaser of weekly videos. Community manager at @variant-as

  • Cody Thomas

    Cody Thomas

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